1.Isn´t it better for kids´ health to go outside running?

Not everyone has the time, or the conditioning, to exercise outdoors during the week. The pequefitness machines provide comfortable, safe, non-impact workouts to supplement or kick start an active lifestyle...

2. What is the suitable age group for pequefitness products?

pequefitness products are suitable for children between the ages of 3-14 with adult supervision.

3. What is the maximum weight load?
All of our products can sustain up to 50 kgs.

4. How do I assemble the equipment?

Each product has specific assembly instructions contained within the packaging on arrival.

 5. Do I get a discount for large orders?

Please contact a member of our sales team on the details contained within ‘Contact Us’ section of our website. We will be happy to discuss options with you in relation to discounts for large orders.

6. What features do the electronic display have?

The electronic display shows speed, distance and time. It requires batteries to operate.

7. Which tools do I need to assemble my chosen product?

Each piece of equipment requires a screw driver and an allen key for assembly. A screw driver and an allen key is included in the packaging along with all screws required for assembly.

8. Is the treadmill electronic?

No, the treadmill is not electronic. The treadmill is operated manually by walking on the non slip walking belt. That way the belt can only go as fast as the user permits reducing any risk of injury.

9. How do I clean my equipment?

Use a sponge with soapy water to clean equipment. Do not use acetone or cleaning solvent.

10.  Is the seat height on the bike adjustable?

Yes, the seat on the bike is adjustable to cater for differing heights of children.

 11.  What is the equipment material made from?

All the pieces in our range are constructed with metal frames to ensure durability. All bars are padded non slip bars to ensure children’s safety.

12.  Is the equipment safe?

Yes, our equipment has attained ISO9001certification which is a testament to their durability.

13.  Is a warranty offered on pequefitness products?

Yes, there is a 12 month warranty