The lifestyles of today’s youth have undergone enormous change. Television, computers and video games have replaced many of the physical activities children once enjoyed.

As our society becomes more sedentary and young people spend more of their time in non-physical pursuits (television, video games, movies, computers, etc.), we see progressively lower levels of physical fitness in increasingly larger numbers of boys and girls.

Over a 15-year period, childhood obesity has increased over 50 percent and super obesity has more than doubled. As a result, Type II diabetes, formerly called adult onset diabetes, has become prevalent in teenagers and even preadolescents.

Body Composition and Strength Training

Research has shown that strength training is the best means for improving body composition in youth, as it addresses two major problems in many preadolescents, namely, too little muscle and too much fat.

While it is true that young muscles, cartilage, and tendons should not be subjected to the strains of body building or power lifting, strength training with light resistance and an emphasis on technique and safety can be very positive.

Our hydraulic fitness equipment consists of ONLY concentric resistance allowing a child to safely and effectively exercise within their personal comfortable and capable range of motion. With our natural fluid resistance there is no extreme weight load, no eccentric lifting, and no strain on muscle or joints.

The most critical time for developing strong bones is during the childhood years. Recent research indicates that strength training is about six times more effective for building bone in preadolescent girls that it is in young, middle-aged or older women. Contrary to the myth that strength training is detrimental to young bones (no such medical report has ever been documented), it is actually the best way to develop a strong musculoskeletal system.

Learn good Workout Habits

Qualified adult instruction and supervision is a must, as is stretching, warm-up, and cool down.

Improve Muscular Strength

For tracking progression and setting goals, focus on repetitions and proper technique rather than adding more weight.

Feel Better Inside and Out

Whether they are involved in sports or not, youth involvement in strength training helps build self-esteem, promotes healthy hearts, boosts the metabolism, strengthens bones, and lays the foundation for lifelong healthy and active lifestyles.